Akbash Livestock Guardian Dogs

The Akbash:
The Akbash dog first came to work with Sir Echo Farms in 1999. A most perfect specimen of the breed named Zen. The intelligence, temperament, and beauty of the dog made him the perfect fit for our farm. We added a female and have had a few litters since. I was so taken with this breed that I promised myself that my goal would be to spread the word about the amazing livestock guardian by being a steward of the breed. We have placed 9 puppies to date in Arizona, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington State and California. 2017 left some emptiness in our hearts with both the 14 year old and the 10 year old crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Sadly we also lost our 6 year old after post surgical failure to rebound. 

Updates from 2019: The newest Akbash dogs here at Sir Echo Farm are a 3 year old named Hadassah (added in 2017) who is coming along in her maturing and has had her hips checked. We are thrilled to have her rated as OFA Excellent! Her partner is a spectacular young Male Mufahazasi “Zasi” who came from Diane Spisak. We believe he more than exceeds our expectations in our experience with Akbash and are hoping his hips pass the OFA test. If that happens we will have Akbash puppies for sale hopefully. We could not be living in this wildlife corridor with the goats and horses if it was not for the Akbash. For more information about the breed, please check out the Akbash Dogs International website.

Our life with our dogs

Some of our Akbash dogs in their new homes in other areas of the country

For more information about our Akbash Livestock Guardian Dogs, please email Sandy