Glass Speculums

Being motivated to return to having the same equipment/speculums that I first used 20 years ago, I began producing
some glass speculums in 2013. We strive to produce a consistent quality product for the best AI enjoyment and success.
We are pleased so many are enjoying the ease of AI with this equipment and work to accommodate all special
orders to the best of our ability.

Following is the standard equipment and shipping information:

Standard Sizes Price Shipping
Standard 8 inch length and slightly less than 1" diameter $10 each
Shipping is thru Priority Mail and $7.90 for the Small Priority Mail box which is up to four standard 8 inch or less. XL and more than four standard speculums will be shipped in a Medium Priority Mail box for $13.85 and can be up to 10 or 12 speculums. Large orders can be shipped in a Large Priority Mail Box at $18.90 and can hold 15 to 20 speculums.
Standard 7 inch length and slightly smaller diameter than above for Virgin does and Nigerian Dwarfs $10 each
Standard XL 8.5 inch length and slightly less than 1" diameter
useful for very long rumped does and Boer goats.
$11 each

Variations available other than standard

Standard 7.5 inch length, slightly less than 1" diameter $10 each
Standard Virgin 6.5 inch length, slightly less than 1" diameter $10 each
All offset speculums regardless of length $13 each

NOTE:  offset style speculum are not consistent yet at this point in time

We also carry a nice penlight from Amazon that we sell at the same price as we pay for them, and feel it is a very
nice addition to the Glass speculum for great visibility.

If you would like more information on these lights click on the photo above and it will
take you to the Amazon page where we order them.

We can be contacted thru email at, thru Messenger on Facebook at Sir Echo Farm
or Sandy VanEcho for any further questions or to place an order.



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