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Looking forward to a great 2017!!!

My little helper!

Kidding season is in full swing and we like all good goat folks are busy as heck!!!  Always a buzz of activity to get the barn set up for all these new kids and birthing, rescheduling your life to accommodate the onslaught, and remembering  to take a moment to enjoy the kids! 

We are thrilled with some of the kids on the ground already and love seeing the results of all the planning with the older boys and certainly the new young herd sires!

 We are changing up our Chestnut program by bringing in the new!  Our sweet Chestnut doe and buck, Itsa and Bricr, as well as their doe kid from this year, are moving to Colorado where their data collection on reproduction will be lovingly continued.  And on that note we are thrilled to say the least,  to have been surprised with a stunning Chestnut doe kid as a surprise out of our loved SGCH Sir Echo Brettz and Sir Echo Subu!  We will retain the buck kid out of Itsa and Bricr as a mate for this beautiful doe kid,  and continue with our data collection and enjoyment of these beautiful animals!

Please check back often to see how the rest of kidding season goes and we hope everyone has great health and just the kids you are dreaming of on your farm this Spring!



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