2020 - A Review of our Herd - A "different" kind of year

What's new at Sir Echo Farm - Oberhasli Dairy Goats

Barrett John and Dean Arthur

2019 Brought us 2 beautiful baby boys into our tribe! Life is so full with this family of now 12 grandchildren!

Our trip to Redmond for the National Show was full of fun and success! We were blessed once again to share precious time with friends and delight at the rewards of our efforts with our herd.

Preparing for our trip, we decided to put effort into a new display table including a "retrospective" review of our National Show journey over the years. The results was a showcasing of some of our favorite goats over the years and all the memories of those trips.

Our breeding season was busy this year with an extra large group of doe kids from the Spring as well as some of our aged does that, much to our delight, continue to be strong and capable of participating in helping the genetic development here!

That group included SGCH Sir Echo Mutay, 2015 ADGA National Champion, who will be 13 years old and is incredibly active, healthy and fiesty! Also in that group is Brettz, 11 years old; Lightening, Ricee and Tanzania, all coming 9 year olds, and Jettz, 8 years old!!

We take great pride in the consistency of longevity our does carry!

We have found much joy in every other aspect while showing in AZ, CA, WI, and TX. We continue to thoroughly enjoy our efforts to work on genetic development in our Oberhasli and are thrilled and grateful to have placed some hopeful animals in the care of several herds throughout the country that are committed to continuing those efforts in their own hers. We benefit so much from those efforts and we are so appreciative  to them and wish the best for their success.




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